ACTING: Alissa Filoramo has been practicing the art of self-expression and character development since she was a child, taking many years to learn about the "art of being". She is currently enrolled in multiple acting studios while booking an array different projects that suit her wide range of characters. She is a natural actor, born to express herself through the art of acting. Her latest role as the Lead character Madison in the short film Young Liars has earned two "best short film" awards at the latest national film festivals. This is just the beginning... 

DESIGN: With over 10 years working as a Graphic Designer in Apparel, Product Development, and Package Design, Alissa has created an extensive variety of Top-Selling products for some of the biggest social media influencers, mass-retailers, and cultural attractions in the US and Europe. Her work has included designing high-profile Logos while helping to develop compelling Brands and unique Packaging for popular Musicians, Production Companies, and Healthy Food Products in the city of Los Angeles, CA where she currently resides. She is an incredibly Versatile designer with passion for all areas of design, including; Illustration, Hand-lettering & Custom Typography, Vector artwork, and Painting. Alissa's extensive knowledge of the retail market, product development chain, trend analysis, and "OCD-like" attention to detail are what sets her apart, making her design and development skills a complete package for her clients. 

Los Angeles, CA