Alissa Filoramo


With over 8 years working as a Graphic Designer in Apparel, Product Development, and Package Design, Alissa has created an extensive variety of Top-Selling products for some of the biggest mass-retailers and cultural attractions in the US and Europe. She has also designed Logos and helped to develop compelling Brands and unique Packaging for some popular Musicians, Production Companies, and Healthy Food Products in her current home of Los Angeles. She has experience designing for all age levels and demographics including Youth, Tween, Teen, and Adult, which means she can create something Funky & Fresh or something Elevated & Sophisticated depending on the customer and needs of the client. She is an incredibly Versatile designer with passion for all areas of design, including; Illustration, Hand-lettering & Custom Typography, Vector artwork, and Painting. Her extensive knowledge of the retail market, trend analysis, and "OCD-like" attention to detail are what sets her apart. Please email for design inquiries or more information.